If your teenager is in need of orthodontic treatment, and is eligible for clear aligners, Invisalign is the way to go! It’s normal to have a lot of questions regarding this modern aligning technique, and this video is here to explain what you can expect when you first start Invisalign!

Aligners should be worn at least 18 to 22 hours a day in order to see the desired results. Since the power is in your hands with wearing Invisalign, you must be responsible unless you want to slow down the process. You must also be diligent in cleaning the aligners just as you brush your teeth and perform normal oral care.

Some people have reservations about aligners because they’re nervous their speech will be affected. Anytime there is a foreign object in your mouth, your speech will be impacted.

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These aligners, however, are form-fitting to your teeth and your tongue will eventually adjust to this new addition and your speech will return to normal.

This video addresses ten common questions about Invisalign, so if you want to know more, follow along! Additionally, you should bring up any questions or concerns with your orthodontists at your next appointment. They will be your best resource throughout this exciting change!


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