Do you need your teeth straightened? Have you thought about having spark aligners put in? The video offers a great guide to this entire process.

Spark aligners are nearly invisible straighteners for your teeth. Making and installing them begins with a digital scan in which computer images of your teeth are captured. These are then processed at a digital facility, creating a 3D movable digital model.

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A cosmetic dental surgeon will work with you to develop a treatment plan. The latter will include prescribing necessary tooth movements, designing attachments to achieve these movements, creating a computer animation in which teeth are virtually straightened in stages, and creating a model for each stage of the movement.

The aligners themselves are made based on the models corresponding to each stage of the movement. The attachments will be placed on your teeth at your first appointment. Computer-generated templates are created for the attachments, and tooth-colored adhesive fills the indentations. Small, low-profile attachments are applied to the teeth as prescribed. You will need to wear the upper and lower sets of the attachments at least 22 hours a day. You now have all the information you may require to decide whether to have spark aligners installed.


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