If your child is about to start orthodontic treatment, chances are they’ll have a lot of questions. What will braces feel like? Will they hurt? Will they still be able to eat their favorite foods? What will their friends say? Your child will most likely feel nervous. Here are some important things for them to know about kids braces.

Does your child know what to expect from the orthodontist treatment? Your child has probably never spent so long in a dentist’s chair before this.

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But you can reassure your kid that fitting braces is a standard and common procedure. There is nothing to worry about.

Do I Have to Take Special Care of My Braces?
It is slightly harder to clean teeth and gums while wearing braces. Because food can get stuck in them, your child will need to exercise more caution while brushing their teeth and flossing. A brush with soft bristles is recommended so that it can fit around the braces.

If they’re worried about others making fun of them, then it’s a good idea to let them know that braces are a very common thing and many of their friends at school either has or will have them. You should also remind them of why they’re getting braces in the first place. Braces are not a permanent thing.

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