benefits of clear braces

Teens have very challenging periods in their lives when they go through various changes. Sometimes, those changes involve teeth misalignment and other issues that can affect their self-esteem. Fortunately, Invisalign braces can help such teens immensely. The following is information about teen confidence issues, cosmetic dentistry services, and the benefits of clear braces for dental treatment.

Common Teeth Issues For Teens

Teenagers can experience a broad range of problems with their teeth. These are some of the most common issues that arise:

Crowding: Crowding is a problem in which the individual has a small jaw and mouth or too many teeth growing into the oral cavity. The problem is often genetic in families, but sometimes teens develop it from nowhere.

When teeth grow into a patient’s mouth who suffers from this issue, the result is typically crooked teeth. The lack of space forces the new teeth to grow into odd places at strange angles. The situation can be unsightly and sometimes painful for the person.

Overbites: An overbite is a tooth issue that causes the upper layer of teeth to overlap the lower. This issue often covers up the teeth and can cause problems with the person’s bite. Some people are okay with overbites cosmetically, while others take an issue with how their smiles appear.

Underbites: An underbite is the opposite of an overbite. The lower layer of teeth overlaps the upper layer, causing the jaw to protrude. This condition can also cause problems eating and biting down on things. Dental patients are more likely to seek the best orthodontic treatment for this condition than many others.

Crossbites: Crossbites are complex issues in which the upper and lower levels of teeth don’t properly connect. This condition can also cause troublesome eating sessions and an unsightly appearance.

Open Bite: An open bite is a problem that causes the teeth to slant outward, which can also cause the sufferer to have problems when eating hard foods. Open bites may also affect a sufferer’s speech and cause that person somewhat of an impediment.

All of the above-mentioned issues are good candidates for cosmetic dentistry services. The benefits of clear braces are abundant in assisting these matters.

benefits of clear braces

How Teeth Problems Negatively Affect Teenagers

Teeth problems can affect teenagers negatively as they develop and grow into young adults. They naturally want to have amazing smiles and meet friends and potential mates. Problems like crowding, underbites, crossbites, gaps, and other issues undermine teenagers’ self-confidence.

Some teens become overly self-conscious to the point of speaking less, while others fall into depressive states because of their situations. Parents can consider reaping the benefits of clear braces by scheduling an appointment with a child orthodontics specialist. This dental provider can examine the child’s teeth using X-ray equipment and personal examination. He or she can then suggest the most viable treatment plan.

Sometimes, braces for teeth is the best solution, and the dentist can recommend one of many braces. Experts often recommend traditional metal braces for complex issues because they are still the sturdiest teeth correction system. However, they are not a desirable option for some teenagers.

Young people often don’t want to draw attention to their mouths. Thus, they are highly reluctant to sign up for braces on their teeth. Other options are available when traditional braces seem to be an issue. One alternative option is lingual braces. Lingual braces go behind the teeth instead of in front of them. The result is that it’s difficult for anyone with braces to know they have braces on. However, lingual braces can be expensive because of the extensive work the dental specialist has to do when installing them.

Self-ligating braces are another alternative option. They lessen the discomfort of traditional braces by eliminating the need for timely adjustments. These braces adjust themselves, allowing the patient to proceed with treatment with as little pain as possible. Unfortunately, the problem of visible braces still lingers when someone chooses the lingual option.

The lingual braces option helps reduce pain but doesn’t solve the self-consciousness that can bother a young person when wearing braces. That brings us to another solution: Invisalign. Dental patients can see the benefits of clear braces quite clearly when they choose to use Invisalign.

What Invisalign Is and How It Can Help?

Invisalign is a generally new method of teeth care that uses clear plastic aligners instead of the typical braces and brackets. This system has made many dental patients happy since its inception in the late 90s. The technology has also improved significantly, making it much easier for dental patients to care for their teeth while getting care for themselves.

How Invisalign Works

As mentioned, Invisalign operates using a series of plastic aligners. The first step in the process is meeting with an orthodontist. An orthopedic specialist can help with ligament and tendon problems, whereas an Invisalign orthodontist can help with crooked teeth and similar issues.

The orthodontist will first examine the patient’s teeth using a personalized examination, X-rays, and other methods necessary to determine the condition. He or she will then explain if Invisalign is a viable option. One must clear the orthodontist’s tests to experience the benefits of clear braces. Typically, an Invisalign patient cannot have gum disease or any other issue that might make using a clear brace unsuccessful. If the orthodontist determines that Invisalign is a good option, the teen and his or her parents can continue with that treatment method.

The lab will have to craft some aligners for the patient, which will require taking a mold of the teeth and cross-referencing the specialist’s plan for treatment. The lab will then create a series of aligners, which the patient will change approximately every two weeks for a designated amount of time. The patient will begin to see teeth shift as the treatment progresses, and the benefits of clear braces will be immensely apparent.

benefits of clear braces

The Benefits of Clear Braces and Invisalign

These are some of the main benefits of getting dental care from a provider that can install Invisalign braces:

Less Discomfort. One of the most prominent benefits of clear braces is that they can cause much less discomfort than other types of braces can. Many patients have attested that their experiences were much more comfortable because of the delicate plastic materials from which the Invisalign products were crafted. Thus, a parent seeking to alleviate some of the pain for his or her teen will likely choose clear braces as the most suitable treatment plan.

More Freedom. Clear aligners allow dental patients to have more freedom regarding how long they wear their aligners. The patient cannot remove traditional braces and must wait until the treatment ends to have the orthodontist take them off. Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing users to take them out for teeth brushing, eating, drinking, etc.

Dental patients have to wear their aligners for at least 22 hours daily. However, that small window of time gives them enough freedom to do what they need to do without the hassle. That fact alone makes clear aligners a desirable solution to many common teeth issues.

Faster Treatment: Sometimes, treatment with Invisalign can be a lot faster than treatment with traditional braces. Some specialists can complete the treatment in 18 months or less. The typical traditional braces treatment can take up to three years, with most patients completing their treatment after wearing them for two years.

Discreet Wear: The most popular one of the benefits of clear braces is that they introduce a completely discreet treatment method. People who receive this treatment can go on with their lives as if they are not wearing braces because they are invisible. Teens don’t have to worry about their school photos or being teased by their peers for having a conventional ‘metal mouth.’ That makes Invisalign a highly desirable solution to the above-mentioned issues.

More Self-Confidence: A self-confidence boost can come from using clear braces. The wearer can hide treatment from anyone who might cause a problem, and that person’s teeth can become straighter in the process. The whole procedure will seem like magic to some people because all they’ll notice is straighter teeth over time. This method of teeth correction has been a huge godsend to teenagers for this reason, among others.

Better Oral Hygiene: One of the biggest disadvantages of wearing traditional braces has always been the difficulty of getting to the parts of the teeth that need the most cleaning. Some dental patients developed cavities in odd places and weaker teeth during their treatment plans. Fortunately, Invisalign allows users to remove their aligners for teeth cleaning. They have access to the exterior and crevices of their teeth, allowing them to engage in meticulous dental hygiene efforts.

The above-mentioned benefits of clear braces are only a few of many, but interested persons can clearly see that they have a lot to look forward to by researching clear braces for their teens.

benefits of clear braces

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

The cost of clear aligners is not a fixed figure. The amount of money a parent spends on treatment depends on whether that person has insurance to cover some of the cost. Then it depends on the treatment location and the provider’s pricing grid. Some providers will cost more than others, and that’s why extensive research is necessary before moving forward. Additionally, the total cost will depend on the type of treatment the orthodontist recommends.

For example, some patients only need help with their upper or lower teeth, while others need aligners on their entire mouth. Prices are, of course, less expensive if the lab only needs to make aligners for one row of teeth.

Dental offices usually take different types of payments, like credit cards, debit cards, cash, etc. Some even work with third-party providers willing to issue health and dental-based loans to people who qualify for them.

Some have in-house financing and allow their patients to pay in installments. That system usually benefits working-class individuals, allowing them to pay down their debt without involving credit and credit bureaus. Once a patient establishes trust with a provider, obtaining future services will be easier.

benefits of clear braces

What To Do if Your Teen Needs Invisalign

Invisalign may seem like the perfect fit for your teen, but truthfully, you won’t know until you contact a provider and schedule a consultation. The tests the provider takes will determine whether he or she is a good fit for the treatment and can get the benefits of clear braces. Some patients do not qualify for clear braces because their problems are too complex. Crowding is one issue that can throw a monkey wrench into an Invisalign journey because of the extra teeth in the way. However, the orthodontist may be able to help after several extractions take place.

Some patients may not be eligible for the benefits of clear braces because of weak bones or diseased teeth that need to have root canal service or extractions. The good news is that the provider may be able to continue once the patient resolves the issue holding up the treatment. Before hiring an orthodontist to get the benefits of clear braces, it would be wise to research several providers and compare all aspects of getting their care. You’ll need first to create a list of providers who operate in your area. Then you should review their website’s information and read client testimonials.

Clients usually leave glowing reviews when they go through a successful treatment, and they complain if they feel the treatment didn’t succeed. You can feel confident about any provider with a higher percentage of positive than negative reviews and a high star rating. It’s best to go with local dentists that have consistent four or five-star reviews under their belt. That way, you can be certain that your treatment will go well.

Reading the reviews isn’t the last step you should take. You should also take the time to contact each office and ask some additional questions about their treatment plans. Gauge customer service excellence by the way they answer the phone and address your concerns. When you are sure you want to go with a certain provider, you can schedule your first meeting with that establishment. You now know the benefits of clear braces and why they can be so helpful to young people. It’s time to look into their benefits even more and reach out to a cosmetic dentistry service professional who can provide them to you.

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