Clients with misaligned teeth used to turn to wire braces to help realign their teeth. That option is still available, but many dentists can offer an alternative. Clear dental aligners are now available and can also return your teeth to a corrected alignment effectively. An orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth, which is turned into a digital tooth impression.

The computer will then use these digital impressions to create a current representation of your teeth.

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The computer will also project a series of progressively sized dental aligners that can be utilized to reach the goal of correct alignment. Using those images, the orthodontist will order your clear aligners for you. The orthodontist will order several sizes of aligners, and each size will become gradually smaller.

You will wear each size for one week. Each aligner will move your teeth 1/4 millimeters closer toward the proper alignment. Clear aligners are made of transparent plastics and elastic. When you wear the clear aligners, they pressure your teeth.

In addition to the benefit of being transparent, clear aligners can be removed. Traditional braces can’t be removed because they are glued to your teeth. Clear aligners can be removed for two hours each day. Most users remove them while eating and while brushing their teeth.

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