Children who require complex dental surgery are given general anesthesia. It is administered when the procedure is invasive, or if the patient is anxious or exhibits challenging behavior. The attached video explains how anesthesia works.

Before the procedure, monitor your child closely. You must inform the pediatric dental center if you notice a fever, cough, or cold. The anesthesiologist will then confirm whether or not to postpone the procedure.

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Your child mustn’t consume anything before the surgery. This lowers the risk of aspiration. If your child has to report at 6:30 am, they cannot consume anything after midnight. If they report after 6:30 am, they cannot consume anything after midnight but can drink clear liquids for up to two hours before check-in time.

On the day, the staff will check your child’s medical history and do a physical exam. The procedure will be explained, and your consent will be taken. Just before surgery, the anesthesiologist will make your child breathe through a mask to administer the medication. The vitals will also be monitored throughout. After the procedure, ensure the child rests and takes enough fluids.

Contact your pediatric dental center if you need more information about surgery under general anesthesia.


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