Are you wondering whether you should take your newborn in for a dental exam? The short answer is yes. The video summarizes why you should do so, lists some of the things the dentist will do, and provides tips on how to schedule the visit.

You should take your child in for their first dental visit before the first tooth appears or before their first birthday. This visit is important because they can develop cavities as soon as the first tooth appears.

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On this first visit, the dentist will check your child’s mouth for growth and development. They will also check for mouth injuries, cavities, and other problems. If your child is going through a difficult time with teething or is engaged in thumb-sucking or excessive pacifier use, you should discuss such issues with the dentist.

When scheduling a visit, try to choose a time when your child will be more cooperative. You should definitely avoid dental visits during their usual nap time. Some offices will allow you to fill out the paperwork before the visit and you should take advantage of this opportunity. If you have dental insurance, be sure your child’s name is on it. Now you know all about child visits to the dentist.


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